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Wherever you go over the wide world, I am with you. My abode is in your heart and I am within you.
— Shirdi Sai Baba

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Baba Inspires My Music

Music is one of the nine paths to reach God and to experience God directly. Music is definitely my path! It touches me very deeply since my early childhood. But it was not until 2006 on my first trip to India where I visited the ashram of Sri Kaleshwar in Penukonda, that I came across the deep and wonderful healing music of bhajans and mantras in the style of Shiva Sai Mandir Music.

This music goes very deep and straight into your heart. It is healing, it is food for your soul. I immediately felt a deep longing to be able to play this kind of music and to learn how to heal through music. 

Please enjoy this album by Falk of Germany.


Sri Sai Satcharitra

This new rendering of the Sri Sai Satcharitra is humbly offered at the feet of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, our beloved sadguru and our everything. It is through his grace that this work was inspired and completed. Without his grace, nothing is possible.

To understand the mystery of Sai is our blessing and our way. Through listening to and meditating on his life and his leelas our false understanding is removed and we recognize that we are one with him and all that is. There is no greater bliss than to experience his love and living presence among us.

Sai Satcharitra

Baba inspires art & Music

Baba inspires artwork and music from devotees around the world.


baba inspires artwork and music around the world

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