Baba and the Magical Earrings


On April 19th, 2010 I was walking the streets of Brooklyn NY. There was a vendor selling earrings outside on the corner. Being the earring fanatic I am, I went to go have a look. The man selling them was an older rastafari man. He was filled with light and very kind. His name was Baba and he even looked like him. It was cold that day and I went to get him coffee. We talked for about 90 minutes about so many things.  

He literally called me to path - He looked at me and said, "Sister its time... You have to start meditating". He gave me instructions of how to build an alter and suggested I burn frankincense. I heard him so deeply in my soul. That day I went to buy a notebook and began to prepare for my new life... I created my altar and began meditating immediately. Within two months time I was wide open and my 1 foot alter became a 3 foot alter and within a year I had a six foot alter. <3

Submitted by Jacqueline Rolandelli, Malta

Shirdi Sai Baba Altar.jpg
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