My Grandson Recognizes Baba

I take care of our grandson Elijah who is 19 months old. He takes his afterrnoon nap on my chest, bonding. I usually meditate or read a book. I have been reading many books. One day, I was reading a book by Ganesh called "Shortcut to Enlightenment".

There is a photo of Swami on the front and may photos of Shirdi Baba inside. I showed him the book and said this is Swami and Shirdi Baba. He touched Swami's photo and kissed him. When I showed him Baba's photo he did the same and kissed the photo. He had never done that before.

One time when our daughter was going to work saying good-bye, the book was on my knees. He touched the photo and said swami. Our daughter was shocked and asked "did he say swami?" It was the first time I heard him say swami. It would be a difficult word for his age. I thought it was my imagination. I asked him who it was? He smiled and said swami. Then again Shirdi Baba followed with a gentle kiss. After a few repetitions I knew it was not my imagination.

Our daughter got a baby blessing when pregnant. This child seems to recognize them.

submitted by Ellie Karimi

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