Chapatis for Baba

Back in 2010 or 2011 when I was staying with my daughter and her family in Southern California,  I got really excited about the idea that Baba liked chapatis dipped in sugar. For weeks I planned this, the excitement building with each step of the process.  I found a recipe that made four chapatis, dipped them in sugar. I was thrilled about doing this for Baba when I offered them on his altar.


Then I went to make the chai,  so he could have chai with his chapati. When I got back with the chai, there were only three chapatis on the plate. I was alone in the house at this time. I searched the house high and low, did I drop one? There were no animals in the house,  mice or pets. The only conclusion is that Baba took a chapati. Wow.

When I had some as prasad, the chai was OK,  but the chapati was tough as shoe leather.  I was so touched that Baba would accept this really bad chapati.  It wasn't the chapati Baba enjoyed,  it was my love. I feel that Baba looks at all our efforts this way,  are they done with love? The outcome is really not our concern,  that is in his hands. This is an important part of Karma Yoga,  detachment from outcome,  not accepting the fruits of our actions,  but doing the job with loving attention to detail as an offering. 

Om  Sai  Ram

Submitted by Mukti Kuster, United States

Kayla FarhangComment