Baba, a Bee Sting, and the Cincinnati Zoo

A few years ago when I was still working at the Cincinnati Zoo, I was letting the orangutans outside one November morning when it was unseasonably warm for that time of year. I am very allergic to bees and when I was standing at the orangutan overlook, a bee flew up my sweatshirt sleeve and began to sting me.

I pulled off my sweatshirt and was looking at my arm trying to remain calm and all the while was asking for Baba's help.


Out of nowhere a little old man walking with a cane rounded the corner and said to me as he grabbed the arm that had been stung and said,"Isn't it a beautiful day?" I stood there for a second and then realized who it had been.

You see, the gates to the zoo were not open and the gates to the area where I was working were closed and locked. I ran down the trail to try and catch up to him and he was gone as mysteriously as he had appeared. And by the way, I didn't react to that bee sting.

Submitted by Valerie Haft, Cincinnati

Kayla FarhangComment