Broken Washing Machine Leads to Baba's Prasad

This miracle happened only yesterday due to my wash machine having issues. The water overflowed [front load machine] and therefore, I had to clean out the entire laundry area, which is in a closet. I decided to clean out the entire closet.

There was a box on one of the higher shelves, I stepped up on my step stool and brought it down. It had some spiritual books, etc. As I was going through the spiritual books, I came across prasad from Sai Temple at Sri Kaleshwar Swami's temple in India. As I opened the package, there were packages of sacred ash from Shirdi Baba's temple, and kumkum and charcoal mixed with ghee and some prasad from 2014 Shiva Ratri puja. Together with it I found another package with Surya/Chandi red beads with the sacred ash that comes with it. I was so thrilled to find those items. There was another folded item in which amrita had materialized and I was unable to open it, as it all stuck together. So in curiosity, I ripped a small piece of the paper as I was curious and tasted it, sure enough it was sweet.

Today the red beads are around my neck and I have placed the spiritual items at Shirdi Baba's feet. Only yesterday I learnt that wearing a Rudraksha bead with eight pods represents Ganesha, and it can eliminate negative implications of having 'Rahu' in your astrology, and also by chanting Durga mantra, it can nullify the negative effects of Rahu.

Submitted by Lada Baines, Victoria BC Cananda

Kayla FarhangComment