Baba Displays His Sense of Humor

This happened about three or four months after I first started on this path. One night it was late (around 8:30) before I started a sadhana that would take me about an hour. I hadn't eaten, but decided to practice first anyway. I was close to the end of the practice when Baba unmistakably said "I'm hungry. When are you going to feed me?" Completely startled, I looked to see how close to the end I was; there were only about six beads left. I was tired and hungry, and truly did not want to start over.

So I answered as honestly as I could-- "Baba, you know I am willing to do anything you ask. If you want me to stop right now and feed you immediately, I will do that. But how do I know that I didn't make this up? I am going to need really convincing proof, you are pretty much going to have to materialize in this room for me to stop this practice right now." I heard Baba laugh, and then he was gone. I knew it was okay to keep going. It is the laugh that I remember most, and that dawning awareness of Baba's sense of humor.

Submitted by Coral Nunnery, Texas

Kayla FarhangComment