Baba Darshan in Hospital

Once a woman had an accident and found herself in the hospital over Christmas in Los Angeles. Her daughter stood outside her room wondering what to do, as all the regular doctors and nurses were away. and her mother's condition was slowly worsening to the point where she could no longer walk or talk. As the daughter stood there, the light in the empty hallway grew very bright. She noticed a man approaching. He was tall and strong and wore blue surgical scrubs, but he was pushing a broom and had a hair net over his head. Where had he come from?  

He walked up and met her eyes. In sweet low tones he asked, Is that your mother in there? And when she replied Yes, he continued. There is a chapel on the top floor of this hospital. Every morning before work I go there and pray for the patients on my floor. May I pray for your mother?  

Something about him was so trustworthy and so real, the daughter took a deep breath and whispered, Yes.  

Many years later it occurred to her that the gentle man was Baba.

Story submitted by Lynn B.

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