Baba Appears in the Smallest of Creatures

There is a hiking trail in the Moab Utah area that has always been a source of inspiration for me. It is a place I go regularly that is tucked away in the high Canyon walls that rise up from the Colorado river.

Baba in Utah

Here I have done a lot of japa meditation, as I am out of sight of from other hikers or jeepers who might be traveling along the trail. I sit comfortably on the slick rock that surrounds me on 3 sides, as it has been carved out by a water pour off further up the rim wall.  There is natural rock alter that sits in the center and this is where I often place a small picture of Baba, Divine Mother, and Swami to sanctify the space and my practice.

One day I was ready to begin a mediation, when out the corner of my eye, I saw 2 Canyon Wrens. If you have ever heard the wondrous trill of these tiny birds, you will never forget how their voice will fill a canyon with total majesty and delight. Both birds had begun hopping from rock to rock, moving quickly in my direction from 100 feet away. One wren came to a stop, while the other proceeded to come closer and closer, until it landed on the rock alter a foot in front of me. 

I was completely astounded at this point, and sat motionless. Then a miracle happened. This little bird, took its beak and touched Baba's picture and then looked into my eyes and then repeated this same motion again before flying away. Tears began to roll down my face, as I sat there in disbelief knowing that I just had darshan with Baba through a Canyon Wren!. Jai Guru!!

Submitted by Catherine Leathers, Moah, Utah

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