Everyone is His Dearest Devotee (Alexandra)

There are no words to describe being in Baba’s presence in Shirdi at his samadhi. He is so royal and intimate at the same time, like your nearest and dearest friend and also so kingly and highly divine. It is beyond the mind. It was shocking to be in front of a presence so grand and to feel like you were part of him and he knew you so completely.

All the sounds of the temple, people talking, the loudspeaker blasting Baba’s arathi and announcements, the throngs of people and general commotion and excitement of everyone there; everyone and everything has a divine aura in Baba’s presence. It created an amazing scene. When we were singing it felt like the songs became a part of that scene. I feel we were being invited by Baba to be part of something that already was and always would be. It was an honor, and also like he was letting us know we were part of him. Just in case any doubt was still there in the monkey mind. 

Our group had all sung together before in different circumstances. We knew each other and the songs. But to sing together in front of Baba was incomparable to anything we’d done before! I felt as each person sang I was witnessing something very sacred. Each person was experiencing their connection to Baba in a new way - none of us had sung in front of him like that. It was joyful and also very honest. 

When I first started singing it was shaking. My mind went through all these patterns of thoughts, wanting it to be good, thinking, again and again, different things… ‘I’m singing in front of Baba…!’ And then finally, just that huge blessing energy of what we were doing - singing directly in front of God. You just have to relax into the unknown greatness. Thinking about this experience now, almost one year later, I feel that blessing even more strongly. I can remember what it felt like to be in Shirdi, in his Mandir, and connect to that. One of Baba’s name is ‘Priyaaya’, the beloved. I feel we are all Baba’s beloved, and there is nothing he will not do to take care. 

That was another blessing of singing in Shirdi. You can also see how everyone is his dearest devotee. Everyone is equal in his eyes and love. There were many Baba devotees watching and listening to us sing. This was also such an honor; to sing and express our devotion in front of them. To all share our love for Baba together.  

I also had the feeling like Baba really loves music and loves hearing bhajans sung to him. This feeling still effects me very strongly today. Thinking how such an incredible, elevated and divine soul can also enjoys things in a way that a human being can relate to. What a bliss it is to feel you can connect to God in such a personal way.  It seems like feeling you can relate to Baba, in any way, is his great blessing too. Jai Sai! 

Kayla FarhangComment